Iván Ortiz: Pride of the Mech-Tech Racing Team

Iván Ortiz: Pride of the Mech-Tech Racing Team

“I like that car”, said Edwin Colón Cosme, the main sponsor of the Drag Racing sport in Puerto Rico, just when Iván started to study racing mechanics and these were the four words that became the encouragement that he needed to take his humble Honda to become one of the fastest in the state of Florida.

In April, he qualified with 8.77 @174 mph in the 2015 SFWD Championship Series which was held at the  Orlando Speed World Dragway with a temperature of 90 degrees, under the hot sun. He has always maintained excellent marks in a very competitive category. “This category is saturated… but the best thing is to run in it”, he said demonstrating his competitive spirit. “Cars with front traction are the new modality, and they all seek to compete in this category”, emphasized this young man from Humacao, Puerto Rico regarding the category which is best known as “Sport Front-Wheel-Drive”.

“Previously I used to be a mechanic on my own in my house, and my grandfather sent me to pursue a career in this field. I arrived at Mech-Tech College, and my instructors saw my potential, and Edwin Colón gave me the opportunity to take my car to the racetrack”, he remembered of his beginnings as a student from the institution which today is his sponsor.

Iván Ortiz has been living in Florida for four years where he moved after graduating from Racing Mechanics at the Caguas main campus of Mech-Tech College (Mech-Tech Institue in Florida). He started to teach mechanics at the Orlando campus and now he works full-time for the Mech-Tech racing team.

Maintaining a race car is a sacrifice. “All possible maintenances must be timely performed; verify oils, combustion system, the turbo…each part has a specific purpose, and providing that maintenance is a delicate matter; this is why it is so important to get the proper training; the only program that I know that prepares you in all these areas is Mech-Tech’s Technology in Racing Mechanics program”, he expressed.

No matter how complicated it may result, Iván Ortiz has been able to direct his steps towards success, without stopping to give thanks most of all to the spiritual strength that he gains from the Creator. His social networks followers know that in an event the first thing that he does is thank God for his opportunities and his victories.

He also takes advantage of the opportunity to give advice to individuals who run illegally in the streets. “Focus yourselves in studying and preparing for a career. Come out of the streets and run in the race tracks. Study. Focus in your future and remember that everything is possible with God”, he affirmed.

At this moment, he is waiting for some parts to arrive for his Honda so that he can run this weekend at the Orlando Speed World, an event that will mark the return of Mr. President of which, of course, he hopes to become a winner and conquer, once again, another victory for the Mech-Tech Racing Team.

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